Who does not dream of long, shining, and gloomy hair? We can try all remedies, oils, massages on our head to stimulate blood flow, still nothing works. Since we do not feel the pain in our hair, we become careless about the harm we can afflige to them. Still, it is one of the biggest mistake one can make. In this article, I will give you 7 little tips about how to have healthy hair not long, shining, or gloomy, just HEALTHY!

  • Check the ingredients that are in the products you are using. The must: a formula enriched with proteins and some moisturizing elements. Avoid any products with collagen, the only amazing effect you will get is oily roots. After all, you do check the amount of calories in a chocolate tab! Do the same for your hair.
  • Trust me, your best friend is not dry shampoo! I know the struggle too, waking up late in the morning not enough time to shower before going to class. Some dry shampoo, brush and there you go! Many are the cases in which we use this product, still we do not see how harmful it is for our hair. In fact, it might cause  residue on scalp, and who says accumulation of hair dandruff says inflammation and itching. Thus, keep it for real extreme cases, not as a daily routine.
  •  Do not rub your hair with a shower towel. Solution, gently tap the roots and the tips.
  •  Never brush your wet hair, it has to be done when your hair are dry, and do it slowly. You should see this brushing routine as a way to show your hair some love.
  •  Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
  •  Avoid extensions
  •  Change your heat products. An old hairdryer from the university is for sure hurting your hair. Same for the plates, the best ones are the one made of ceramic.
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