We already discussed the food habits to adopt to have a beautiful skin. Today, I’m going to present you the good eating food habits to adopt to get gorgeous hair. As it is said: “YOu are what you eat.”

Beer yeast

Consume beer yeast if you have fine hair, or hair loss. Indeed, the beer is rich in silica, a mineral that stimulates hair regrowth. Brewer’s yeast is also the richest food in Group B vitamins, which are the constituents necessary for the synthesis of Keratin, which is more than 95% of the capillary fiber. Consume it, so make your hair beautiful and strong.


If you want to say goodbye to greasy hair, eat broccoli. Indeed, it contains vitamin A and C that play on the secretion of Sebum. Thanks to its two vitamins the broccoli reinforces the growth of the hair and fights their fall. also, broccoli seed oil is particularly renowned for being beneficial to the hair.


Salmon is a source of omega 3, which are an excellent fatty acids for hair health. Omega 3 helps hair follicles to grow and strengthen. In absence of omega 3 the scalp is dry and dull appearance. Salmon also contains biotin which, combined with omega 3, cleanses the scalp.


Eggs are rich in whole protein. Indeed, they contain nine of the amino acids essential to the body. They have many virtues for hair like helping with growth, slowing down the fall and beautifying hair by a beautiful volume.


Rich in antioxidants, the avocado brings the damaged hair back to life, accelerates their growth and combats dandruff. You can eat it flat or apply it as a mask for hair.

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