Hacks: A Beauty Revolution

If I were to follow each single makeup trend with the amazing products with fancy packages, and high prices, I would never have enough money to live. Still, I have to adapt myself and be as shiny as the girls with the full Kylie Jenner lipstick collection. Here are some beauty hacks that will probably revolutionize your daily beauty routine.

Baby Powder as Extensions

To have ultra-curved eyelashes but avoid the false eyelash box: apply a layer of mascara, then using a cotton swab, sprinkle your talcum eyelashes and put back a layer of mascara. You will have an impression of natural extensions and an amazing look.

Spray tan? No, coffee !

Instead of using a classic self-tanner that will just color your skin, take a few coffee beans  mix then with your shower gel. In addition to illuminating your skin, this will exfoliate it.

Credit cards have no expiration date !

Every morning it is the same you fill your eyelid with mascara. To remedy this, take a card that you no longer use as a shield. Apply it to the side of the eyelids and put your mascara with no fear.

Mini hair brush for baby hair

Your baby hair annoys you all day. Before leaving in the morning, take a toothbrush that you will spray with lacquer, and put your little hair around the face back in their place.

Perfect manicure

You always find a way to damage your manicure before it dries. Immediately after laying your varnish, dip your hands in a bowl of ice water and hold for a few minutes. The varnish will dry faster and the material will stick better to your nail.

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