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Skin issues are part of our daily life. We all have to deal with acné, wrinkles, under eye dark circles and pufiness, etc. We all go for expensive cosmetic treatments without looking forward for other solutions. In this article, I will show 3 tips to reduce wrinkles, acne, and other skin problems without cosmetics.


Did you know that your skin is made up of cells which are made up of water ? Well now you know !In fact, if you don’t drink enough water your skin will not be hydrated which will cause wrinkles and skin prblems. also, the water detoxifies the skin and body by washing out toxins.

Good diet

To have a beautiful skin you should svoid hormone-laden, fatty, sugary, and processed foods. You should include a lot of vitamin rich aliments like fruits, fish, vegetables, eggs, and whole grains. These components add deffensive antioxidants to your body, resulting in cleaner and brighter skin.


I bet that you’re always told that you should exercise to be in better shape and to have a better skin. Well, it is true, exercising also improves the face complexion. The process is as you are sweating, your pores open up, reeasing accumulated dirt. Also, exercising helps your body get rid of the toxins which help in cleansing the skin.

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