Cosmetic Chemicals & their Side Effects

We know that the cosmetics we are using are full of chemicals that have a bad effect on our health. Still, we continue purchasing and using these products as if they are growing on a tree. Well in this article, I am willing to present you the chemicals present in our cosmetics, in which cosmetics can we find each one, and what are the known side effects of these chemicals.

Phthalates :

This one can be found in great quantities in deodorants, perfumes, and nail polishes. Its effects ? It is linked to breast cancer, early puberty for girls, diabetes, and obesity within children.

Parabens :

This chemical is mostly present in body creams, deodorants, and shower gel. In fact, it is thought to be present in 75-90% of cosmetics. Also, it has been found in biopsies of breast tumors.

Ethylene Oxide :

Just the name of this one makes me shiver. Well Ethylene Oxide can be found in shampoo, perfume, and body creams. It is linked to increased risk of breast cancer.

Lead :

The name seems nice, don’t you think so ? From where shall I start ? This one is found in serums, nail polish, and lipsticks. Lead is known to reduce fertility and may result in learning disabilities as well as behavioral problems.

Triclosan :

Last but not least, triclosan which can be found in deodorants, hand washers, and many other cosmetics. It is classified as a pesticide, it can have serious effects on your hormones, especially the ones associated to thyroid, which regulates our metabolism.

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