Chin up, shoulders back, and back straight!

We all have a daily beauty routine, and sometimes when waking up, it doesn’t go as expected. We might wake up with a tired face, small puffiness under the eyes, or just a bad hair day. Those little things that can blow our day away! In this article, I will give small daily tricks in case you have to look shining when you are not, or you need to switch from a natural face makeup to a gorgeous night style.

Sharp eyeliner:

a-  Take your eye makeup from a sleek daytime look to something sexier by smudging your eyeliner with a cotton swab to diffuse it into a smoky eye look.

b- Put white eyeliner under your eye shadow to increase color longevity and vibrancy.

Lips don’t lie:

a- Olive oil makes a great overnight lip treatment for dry lips.

b- Mix a little peppermint oil into you lip gloss to give your lips a plumping boost.

c- To keep your lipstick lasting all day, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust a translucent powder over tissue.

 Stay cool:

a- Damp green tea bags on your eyes for 5 minutes to reduce puffiness.

b- If you look tired highlight the inner corners of your eye to attract the light.

 Baby skin, that’s all we want:

a-  Apply baby oil after shaving to prevent bumps.

b- Tea tree oil, honey, and lemon juice can be used to remove acne scars naturally.

c- Vodka is good as a drink and for your skin. Use it as a toner to prevent breakouts and shrink your pores.

 Flashy eyelashy:

a- Apply eyelash glue with the tip of the bobby pin for more even and quicker application.

b- Sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards.  This will help the lashes look fuller.

c- Adding a few drops to your mascara will keep it from frying out.

d- Use dark glue with fake lashes so that it blends in with the lashes and your eyeliner.

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