The beauty blender represents a make up revolution for the past years. Some of us have switched form the conventional hand use to do make up to the use of those little sponges. Still, some of you ladies have no idea how to use them. In general, you repeat what you have seen in makeup tutorials. Still, girls ! Do you know that makeup is also about the care you provide to your brushes and beauty blenders. Well, here is an article that discusses the 7 most common mistakes made with a beauty blender.

M 1: You only use it for cream makeup. If you did not know, you can use it to apply setting powder too.

M 2: You are using the sponge dry. You are supposed to wet the sponge!

M 3: You threw away the package. In fact, the plastic package, is great for air-drying after cleaning the beauty blender.

M 4: You aren ot cleaning it the right way. You should mix 1 part of water with one part of blender cleander for a soak.

M 5: You are storing it the wring way. You should put the sponge in a recipient where it can breath, you can use a mesh bag for example.

M 6: You use one for all purposes. Here we have the pink one which is the original beauty blender. This one is perfect for streak-free makeup application. Then the white pure blender, it’s dye-free which make it great for sensitive skin and skin care products. Now let’s move to the black one: The beauty blender pro. This one is great for bronzers, self tanners and long-wear makeup. Now, the micro-mini green one! This one is designed to gets into small areas like the corners of the eyes and nose.

M 7: You should tru to repurpose them. In fact, it can be used to remove deodorants from clothes by rubbing it against the tissue. Also, it can be used for an ombré nail art.


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