Often, we have bad breath because of a poorly digested meal, dental problems, alcohol or tobacco consumption. To overcome this issue, here are some grandmother’s remedies, magical herbs and other natural methods.

Aromatic plant

Being an aromatic plant, parsley also has depurative virtues. Simply grind a sprig of parsley between the teeth to mask the bad odors and capture the sulphurous waste in the mouth. The same technique for mint leaf, this will bring more freshness to your mouth.

Spices rich in antioxidants

Spices are very effective against bad breath. The ones containing antioxidants cloves and coriander seeds that you can chew. The star anise (this one can be eaten like a candy that you leave in your mouth) is excellent for this breath issue.

Coffee bean

Here is a good oriental habit: chewing a coffee bean after each meal will allow you to eliminate the smell left by the spicy dishes and especially the meals rich in onion and garlic.

The bicarbonate mouthwash

Bicarbonate is an enemie of bacteria, just make it a mouthwash to fight the bad. Mix well a glass of cold water with a teaspoon of baking soda, and it’s ready! All you have to do is to rinse your mouth with.


The citric acid in the lemon helps to balance the pH in the mouth and eliminate the bacteria responsible for the bad odor. Rinse your mouth with a small mixture of water and lemon juice, or pour a few drops of fresh lemon on your tongue at the end of each meal.

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