Amazing Daily Beauty Hacks

Our daily beauty routine is full of unexpected events. An empty makeup remover bottle, a lipstick that is stuck on you teeth, or a pimple that showed out of nowhere. In this article, I will show you a list of unusual beauty hacks that will help you get over the little unexpected events that might destroy your day.


  • Eye makeup remover.
  • eyelashes conditioner.
  • Sub for lip gloss.
  • Rub on split ends between haircuts.
  • Mix with lipstick to make a crème blush for cheeks.
  • Rub over your teeth, and there you go no lipstick stains on your smile.
  • Place on pulse points before applying perfume- It lasts longer.
  • Massage into elbows and heels to soften the cracked skin.

Apple cider vinegar

  • Rinse your hair with it to remove shampoo build-up. It serves also to prevent dandruff.
  • Use it as a skin toner to treat and prevent acne.
  • Use as a detangler.
  • Apply to dark spots on face to correct hyper-pigmentation.

Coconut oil

  • Nothing gives you silkier legs than using coconut oil to shave with.
  • Deodorize your body with a rub-down of the stuff- it has antibacterial properties.
  • Rub it into your nails and cuticle to strengthen them.
  • Use it to soothe eczema break-outs.
  • It also makes a wonderful lip gloss-straight up.

Double duty makeup

  • Mascara can double as eyeliner. Just dip a thin brush in it and apply it as you are doing your usual liquid eyeliner.
  • Use mascara to cover grey roots.
  • Blush can work as eyeshadow.
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