To offer a perfume to someone is a very delicate choice. How to be sure that they will like their gift and what should you take into consideration when you make your choice? SamplesBeauty is here to help with these 7 awesome tips to offer the right fragrance to the right person.


Know who you are offering the perfume to

Ask the person you want to offer the perfume to about a few things. They can include their favorite flowers, spices, wood… Make sure to know about their dressing habits (classy, chic, hipster…). Also learn if they like to go out and party a lot or if they are introverted and would rather spend their time in a library. A more fruity and sexy perfume would be perfect for the first type of people, but not for the second one.


Choose according to their taste, not yours

To offer a perfume is to convey a message. The priority is therefore to highlight the strengths of the person concerned. Do not project your tastes on this gift, because everyone has its affinities with an olfactory universe: woody, oriental, floral … Try to put yourself in their shoes to know what the perfect perfume for them would be.


Invest in a high quality fragrance

You made the choice to offer someone you like a perfume. Now, you must choose from perfumes that are good quality, to make the person feel important to you. Furthermore, bad quality perfumes tend to fade away quickly. Try to save some money before their birthday or whatever occasion you are celebrating arrives.


Make sure you choose the right type of perfume

In the shop, we are often stuck: is it better to offer an eau de toilette, eau de parfum or a perfume? It all depends on the fragrances and the purpose. Do you like to offer them a perfume they can wear during the day? Opt for a fresh eau de toilette with citrus or fruity notes. The Eau de Parfum and the perfume should be worn during evenings.


Don’t forget to follow the trends

Perfumes are like fashion, they are cyclical. At the moment, there is a return of fresh water, chypres and leathers, after the trend of floral and oriental perfumes (notably based on oud, and woody scents). Aldehydes and green fragrances are also back on the scene.


Don’t be afraid to choose an unusual perfume

Most people will simply go for the famous perfumes. The best Perfume creators try unusual alchemies sometimes, which gives provocative notes to their creations. Don’t be afraid to choose a perfume that is high quality but unusual, especially if the person you want to offer it to is someone that likes thinking out of the box.

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