Do you know that the eyes are the first thing you look in a person’s face? If you want to highlight the features of your face, make sure your eyes are perfect. If you are looking for simple tips to have the perfect cat eyes, you are at the right place. Here are our best tips to give softness, radiance and depth to your eyes.


Apply eyeliner

To accentuate the line of eyelashes and give more intensity to your eyes, draw a beautiful line of eyeliner. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Be careful, however, not to thicken the line of liner at the risk of dulling your eyes and spoil your efforts.


Choose the right Mascara

What do your eyelashes need the most? Volume or length? Do not hesitate to cumulate two mascaras to obtain the desired effect. Always wait a minute before applying the second coat. And do not shake the brush of your mascara inside the bottle to prevent drying the product.


Put color lenses

To sublimate your eyes, play the card of originality and opt for colored lenses. Choose the color you would like to have naturally. By changing the color of your eyes, your eyes will become more intense mesmerizing than ever. It will be even better if you pick a shade that flatters your complexion and blends perfectly with your hair. PS: Do not forget to put your lenses before you wear makeup to avoid having residue on your lenses.


Apply a little highlighter

To give even more glow to your eyes, apply a little highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes and under the brow bone. On the other hand, if you do not like putting highlighter and if you wish to light up your eyes discreetly, opt for a concealer of a shade a little clearer than your skin color.


Apply white pencil

For all those who wish to have a doe look, the white pencil remains a must. Apply a white pencil line in the lower lining of your eye for a bright, awake look. To enlarge your eyes discreetly, you can opt for a nude or beige pencil. Avoid putting black kohl in this area to avoid dulling the glare of your eyes.


Wear false lashes

If you want to have a beautiful look, false eyelashes are your best ally. They will allow you to enlarge your eyes and give them more depth. If you’re looking for a beautiful, natural look, choose individual false eyelashes or a mini-fringe instead of an entire bang.


Curl your lashes

To enhance the effectiveness of your favorite mascara, use an eyelash curler. Your eyelashes will be longer and darker. We promise, this little tip will give you an irresistible look! Bonus tip: Use your eyelash curler before applying your mascara.

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