Moisturizing and nourishing, vegetable oils also possess multiple benefits, perfect to treat nails, hair and skin, especially after a busy summer. Here is a short list of the vegetable oils that work amazing when it comes to natural beauty.

Carrot’s vegetable oil

Made from vegetable maceration in organic oil (mainly sunflower oil), this vegetable oil is rich in provitamin A. It is often used to prepare the skin to the sun and thus promote tanning. Still, this oil is full of restorative, regenerative and nourishing virtues. This makes it the ideal oil for an after-sun care, without forgetting that it offers a nice tan to the skin.

Jojoba vegetable oil

The vegetable oil of jojoba is very interesting because it adapts to all skins. Its composition, close to that of human sebum, makes it possible to regulate its production, which makes it an ideal ally for oily skin, especially after prolonged exposure. Very moisturizing, it is also perfectly suitable for dry skin.

Argan vegetable oil

Argan oil is certainly the one whose benefits are the best known. It regenerates dry skin or trauma such as burns or stretch marks. It also nourishes the skin deeply, especially after a long exposure, to restore shine and suppleness. Also suitable for hair and nails.

Castor vegetable oil

In summer, the hair grows more. Only then comes the autumn, the season at which hair loss is the most important. Besides they lose luster and tone. The vegetable oil of castor, derived from the castor seed, is the ideal remedy to counteract these effects. It fortifies the hair, brings it shine and favors its growth. It also nourishes the skin and nails in depth.

The apricot kernel

Rich in vitamins A and E, the apricot gives radiance to the skin and combats dull complexion. Apricot vegetable oil is used in many day creams especially for its moisturizing, nourishing, and anti-aging benefits. Ideal for dull and tired skin.

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