Some mornings, waking up is difficult, our features are drawn and our eyes are puffy. This is where the make-up comes to our rescue. We draw in our favorite products and we make our face ready for a long day. On the program, five makeup tips for a guaranteed fresh look!

Illuminate your face

Our strong point in the beauty setting? The highlighter! Placed in strategic places, this makeup ally illuminates our features and brings a discreet relief. A good way to capture the light to divert attention from a tired look or enhance a face in need of some pep’s. To do this, simply drop a touch of highlighter inside the eyes, under the eyebrow and in the center of the face, targeting the lower forehead just between the eyebrows and the tip of the chin.

Use Eyeliner the right way

If your eyes are puffy or look too small, draw a line of eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes to stretch the shape. If the eyelid is drooping, draw a thick line of eyeliner by pulling it upwards. For eyes that are close together: draw a line of eyeliner focusing on the outer corner of the eyelid and put on a nude pencil internally to make them look wide and sexy.

Lipstick and lip pencil

For a more convex and intense mouth, it is best to color the interior before applying lipstick. With the aid of a lip pencil, color your cupid’s bow first. Whether you want to apply a nude or colorful shade, better bet on a lip pencil close to the color of your lipstick. To make your lips look perfect, make sure you take time to exfoliate them once a week. It is Ideal to reactivate blood circulation and eliminate dead skin.

Make good use of Bronzer

To display a bautiful tan, we reproduce the effects of the sun with the “sun stripping” a technique that consists of targeting places where the sun “taps” naturally using a bronzer. Focus on the center of the face, cheekbones and nose: with a wide brush, apply a strip of bronzing powder from a cheekbone while connecting the other through the bridge of the nose and nostrils. The created gradient enhances the eyes and ensures a day-long look outdoors.

Sculpt your face

To soften the lines or accentuate an oval face without having to go through the contouring step, one solution: tan ! Bronzing powder must be applied with emphasis on the outer areas of the face, jaw, upper temples and neck.

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