12 Surprising Remedies to Add to your Bath

Taking  a bath is certainly one of the best relaxation remedies of all time. Beside of its stress relief benefits, a bath can turn into the perfect cocoon of remedies. If fact, adding some ingredients to the bath’s water has a great impact on our body. In this article, I will share with you the differents add-ins that you can use to transform your relaxation bath into the perfect body care.

Add Ins & Effect:

Tea : It provides the body with an anti aging detox balance.

Honey : It softens, smoothes, and detoxes the skin.

Gelatin : It hydrate, calm, and soften the skin.

Milk : Considering the summer that is coming, you must know this one. In case of a sun burn, add some milk to your bath. It will sooth, calm, and relief the pain.

Olive oil : It has a great anti-aging vertue, it also hydrates and strengthens the skin.

Salt : Is a great pain relief, it reduces inflammation, and it helps you relax.

Lavender : It helps relief  stress and muscles, and it reduces inflammation.

Lemon : Lemon tends to refresh and revives the skin, and shrink pores.

Ginger : This one when put into the bath helps in the detox process, muscles relief, and it is also a great remedy for cold and flu.

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